Sony VAIO notebook service

The recommended time for notebook service is set on one calendar year, during which a revision of the notebook and necessary repairs are needed in order to prevent future damage to the motherboard. With Sony VAIO notebooks, we firstly check the technical condition and then we proceed with reparation or replacement of faulty parts of the notebook.

Coffee, tea, or other liquid spill on notebook

A very common cause of notebook damage. In case of sweetened beverage spill, it is necessary to turn off and unplug the notebook immediately, take out the battery and turn the notebook upside down so that the undesirable liquid can leak out of the keyboard. Usually, a replacement of the damaged keyboard is needed. By following these steps, you can prevent additional damage to the other parts of the notebook.

Damaged keyboard

Broken, damaged, or non-functional keys.

Damaged motherboard

A faulty motherboard may manifest itself in various ways: non-functional display, notebook not starting up or suddenly turning off (so-called “blue death”), etc. A faulty motherboard service includes two options: repair of the current motherboard, or its replacement with a new one.

Damaged HDD

Typical signs of a damaged hard disc: faulty loading of the system or its collapse, freezing. The fault may lay in the damaged mechanical part of the HDD, or in the formerly installed programs. Reparation of the HDD is a necessary step towards a correctly functioning system.

Damaged display

This might include faulty pixels on the display, non-functional backlight, or other defects. In case of faulty LCD pixels, a replacement of the whole panel is needed. As to non-functional backlight, the most common cause is a faulty invertor.

Non-functional DVD mechanics

Non-functional mechanics may cause partial or complete failure to load discs. DVD mechanics are repaired by prophylaxis of its optical part, or by complete replacement.

Other common faults in notebooks:

  • Overheating, loud fan buzzing
  • Blue display
  • Infected notebook – virus removal, backup, and renewal
  • Damaged optical mechanics
  • Non-functional wi-fi

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