Sony electronics service

We specialise in warranty and out of warranty services for Sony and Sony Playstation consumer electronics. If you need to have your mobile phone repaired, please contact the Support of Sony Mobile Communications as we do not provide this service.

In equipment repairs, we use solely and exclusively the original spare parts by Sony, which we order from the central warehouse of Sony Europe. You can either bring your equipment to our service centre personally or you can choose to send it to us via a shipping service. To claim an in-warranty repair, you will need to supply a proof of purchase along with your product. The warranty terms and conditions are governed by the applicable legislation, in particular by the Czech Civil Code.

When sending your equipment via a shipping service, please enclose a brief description of the defect, your contact details (your name, address, phone number and possibly also your e-mail address) and please state whether you wish to have the repaired product sent back to you or collect it in person. Once your device is ready for collection, we will let you know by phone or e-mail or via a text message. Cash payments are accepted as well as payments by Visa and MasterCard.

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Other Sony electronics service according to price list